My version of the Player’s Tribune

So why golf joggers? As a fellow mid-80s golfer (sometimes low 90s…), I always want to look the part on the course. But, when looking for a jogger to golf in during the spring of 2018, I could not find anything that offered the ideal blend of style, performance and fit.

This led to the conception of a performance jogger designed for the course (i.e. breathable, flexible, lighter weight, and water resistant), with a modern look expected of our new generation golfers.

After spending over 15 months testing different fabrics, patterns and trims, we finally arrived at the promised land. With a DWR-6 finished poly twill fabric, premium mid-weight poly rib, zippered pockets, and a tapered design, our American Made jogger is built to push the style of golf forward.

Enjoy, and we look forward to having you “Tee Up” in our product.


-Dave Kussell (Founder)