AF Live: A Digital Pop-Up Experience

Thank you American Field for inviting Tee Up to their second edition of AF Live last night (May 28th), a live streamed digital pop-up event.

AF Live consisted of 15 brands streaming live for 30 minutes on AF’s platform to market their brand and generate additional sales. In these quarantine times it was a creative way for small brands to get exposure.

See link here for Tee Up’s Segment:

Tee Up’s content summary for the stream was providing our founding story, discussing new product and then a 15 minute Q&A. I couldn’t have been happier with how many great questions we had. Some questions asked were:

-Does Tee Up plan on launching shorts?

-What is the next product you plan to launch after the polo?

-If you could pick one person to golf with who would it be?

Watch video above for my answers!

Lastly, my biggest takeaway from this experience is to be open to new ways to engage consumers. A digital pop-up at first seemed a little out there, but unique times call for unique solutions.

I couldn’t have been more impressed with how American Field coordinated the event and the preparation beforehand to make brands feel comfortable. We even had a stage manager with us during the presentation to provide time updates and alert us when we had questions. (Thank you Lindsey!)

Thank you again to American Field and excited to attend your Pop-Up Events in the Spring of 2021 in Boston & in Brooklyn.